LUURO© Fish Spa

Also available: Dutch, German

Hotels, wellness and spa resorts

The LUURO Fish Spa, by Garra Rufa Europe.Garra Rufa Europe has introduced the LUURO Fish Spa what it believes is the future for design focused hotels, wellness and spa resorts. Offering unique  entertainment for hotels and designed with a high appeal- factor for wellness and spa resorts. The LUURO Fish Spa has been launched on the 2012 Beauty International Trade Show in Germany and the Beauty Trade Special in The Netherlands. Be inspired by the LUURO Fish Spa and share our aim to create unique experiences:
  • dubble seater, possibility to share the experience
  • hand and feet treatment
  • amusement factor
  • a natural, cosmetic peeling
  • treatment for young and old, man and woman
  • luxurious and relaxing
  • LUURO Fish Spa is an eye catcher
To maintain a high quality in the Fish Spa branche, Garra Rufa Europe offers the LUURO Fish Spa with individual compartments. Customers have their own water and fish during the Garra Rufa-treatment.

Also available: Dutch, German

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