Garra Rufa Fish

Also available: Dutch, German

Cultivation centre Kangal Garra Rufa Fish

Garra Rufa Europe offers original Kangal garra rufa fish, also known as doctor fish,  that are bred and raised in our professional cultivation centre under the supervision of fish cultivating experts. Our garra rufa fish are constantly monitored on a perfect health and quarantined before each delivery. Garra Rufa FootSpa’s or LUURO Fish Spa’s are only installed with healthy garra rufa fish.

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Wild caught garra rufa fish

Original wild caught garra rufa fish do not exist on the global market as Turkey government put a restriction on the export in 1996. Garra Rufa Europe offers A–Class tank bred garra rufa fish that originate from the Garra Rufa fish in Kangal, Turkey. Even if wild caught garra rufa fish were available on the market, they will not be suited for a live in an artificial environment. Only tank bred garra rufa fish are suited for a life in a Fish Spa.

There are more than a hundred different “Garra” species. It is hard to distinguish the original Garra Rufa fish from its family members. There are different types of species such as Chin- Chin fish, which can not be used for Garra Rufa- treatments since they develop teeth.

Also available: Dutch, German