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A professional, custom-made bio filter is essential to the correct water conditions for the garra rufa fish and hygienic environment for the customers. Leftovers from the food of the garra rufa fish, droppings, hard skin and other waste need to be filtered out of the Garra Rufa Fish Spa. The water inside the Garra Rufa Fish Spa needs to be crystal clear, odourless and colourless and any harmful bacteria need to be exterminated.

With each Garra Rufa Fish Spa, Garra Rufa Europe develops custom-made filter installations that clean the water both biologically and mechanically. The right balance between the amount of water, number of fish, number of customers and water circulation is calculated for an optimal biology of the water. Professional techniques are used to temperature and sterilize the water, according to the most recent standards of Fish Spa Hygiene and Fish Spa Animal Welfare.

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