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Garra Rufa Europe takes the utmost care of the health and safety of all the people and animals involved in the fish spa treatment. We consider it our responsibility to offer our products and services according to the standards of official health protection and animal welfare institutes.

Our Fish Spa Hygiene Standards are based on the Fish Spa guidance, issued on August 2011 by the Chief Executives of the Chartered Institute of the Environmental Health of the United Kingdom and the Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland. It has been agreed on by the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety in Ireland and Public Health in Wales and has set an example to all other European countries.

Our Fish Spa Animal Welfare Standards are based on the most recent Animal Welfare Act by the Federation of British Aquatic Societies and can be taken as an example to all Aboutother European countries.

The different techniques that are used to filter and condition the water of the fish spas are CE-certified and an official testing report of the filtration, safety and the power use of the fish spa is included. Read more about bio- filtering.

Garra Rufa Europe provides an intensive training course on health and safety to all staff members that are involved in the treatment of the garra rufa fish. Staff members will receive a Certificate of Fish Spa Expertise after a successful examination.