Word by management

The first time I experienced a treatment with garra rufa fishwas in 2004 during a trip to the Sivas district in Turkey. I was not aware that every year,  hundreds of people from all over the world fly to Turkey to undergo medical treatments with garra rufa fish as a natural way to reduce skin diseases.

At the same time, a new wellness trend was born in Asia. One very clever man in Japan started to offer treatments with garra rufa fish as a cosmetic skin peeling in his salon. The local people were astonished by these little fish, eager to nibble of the dead skin from their hands and feet. Since that day, the cosmetic treatment with garra rufa fish has started mushrooming all over Asia, in countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia.

This garra rufa wellness trend reached Europe in 2009. Hence, fish spas have been spreading fast in countries like the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Portugal and England. Garra Rufa Europe has been there from the start and has always had a main focus on the health and safety of both fish and people. We invest in research and development to stay on top of the market, improving our knowledge and creating professional, high quality fish spas.

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy reading our website. We do our best to provide relevant information to all those interested in garra rufa fish, with the aim to keep the fish spa branch at the highest possible level.

All the best, Mr. Luuk van Dorp, managing director Garra Rufa Europe