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Garra Rufa Europe is the world’s leading company in the supply of original Kangal garra rufa fish and manufacturer of professional Garra Rufa Fish Spas.

Garra Rufa Europe supplies an average of 50.000 garra rufa fish per month. The garra rufa fish are transported by road or airplane from Amsterdam Schiphol.

From a small pedicure salon to an internationally renowded zoo, Garra Rufa Europe has proven to be the best partner for a high quality Garra Rufa Fish Spa.

We take pride of our extensive knowlegde and experience in the treatment with garra rufa fish. Without  healthy fish a Garra Rufa Fish Spa can not function.

Garra Rufa Europe maintains close relationships with Health departments and Animal welfare organisations. The Fish Spas are according to their demands.

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